The organization will partner with key stakeholders and tap into available resources to execute the vision. BRYDGES Equip will systematically Create a culture of learning. Foster an environment that values continuous learning and growth through: BRYDGES facilitated workshops, conferences, and partnerships with other likeminded organizations. We envision that the participants will receive certificates of completion and scholarships that will promote further personal development. 

Postsecondary pathways that promote college and career readiness, including a “Train the Trainer” approach that will ensure that BRYDGES leadership is equipped to: 

  • Identify and secure relevant resources.
  • Enrich, empower, and engage the youths and young adults.

Leadership Development Framework

Structured leadership training modules relevant to church youth ministry needs, leadership development and personal growth. Sustained partnerships with other likeminded organizations. An annual leadership retreat to encourage ministry teams to share their knowledge and skills with one another and provide opportunities for cross-functional training and development.

  • Scholarships - BRYDGES will help to fund Ministry growth and personal development of active members through scholarships offerings.

BRYDGES Equip – HYBRID – calendar of events.

Leadership Development Workshop & Courses

  • Global Leadership Summit Conference- (Scholarship) Summer for Partner Organizations 
  • Leader Empowerment Sessions (Global Leadership Curriculum) – Bi Monthly – General Audience. 
  • Annual Leadership Retreat – for Partner Organizations Only - Winter 
  • Advance Leadership Intensive Partnership – (Scholarship)– Fall through Spring.

Postsecondary Awareness (in connection with On Demand presentations).

  • College/Career Readiness Event – Summer 
  • Career Exploration Workshop: Tangible ways to get young adults exposed to a variety of careers.
  • Effective ways to grow in an internship and/or a job.
  • Vocational Technical Education” skilled workforce & job readiness vendors.

BRYDGES Equip - Organization Partnership

Leadership Training & Enrichment

  1. Global Leadership Network:
  2. Advance Leadership Intensive:

Character Building:

  1. Habitudes (R)- Growing Leaders, Inc:

Postsecondary School Planning:

  1. ECMC College Nights, visit

Collaborative Conversations –

  1. Southern CT State University - [email protected].

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