Brydges Connect focuses on maintaining spiritual relationships through transformational activities. It will create a spiritual empowerment hub that will establish, build, and re-energize networks that emphasize worship, spirituality, and intellectual growth.


  • Annual Youth Focused Events

This “One Day” spiritual immersion event provides opportunities for musical expressions, workshops, and traditional worship experience.

  • Dare-2-Share (a partnership with dare2share ministries)

Galvanizes youths around an evangelical theme. Through, workshops, teaching, drama and experiential activities, youths will engage in youth designed projects which are framed to teach, evaluate, and provide feedback on performance. The Youth evangelism project will challenge the youths to share their spiritual experience and faith with their peers.

  • Leadership Retreat

These events are sessions for youth ministry strategic planning, annual review of goals and objectives achieved, and for leadership empowerment and enrichment. Pre-designed report sheets will enable leaders to provide accurate and up-to-date information on youth ministry progress and share out resources or areas for support. Attendees will include currently active and potential Youth Ministers and youth workers along with leadership representation (Pastors or their appointee) of each partner-church. These sessions will also provide information sessions on various themes. The aim is to help teams to establish seamless youth ministries that serve our children, youths and young adults and are exposed to information that will equip them to set goals for their youth ministries and design evaluation tools to assess their outcomes.

  • Annual Bible Competition

Partner churches form teams of two to three young people between 12 and 25 years of age. Intense coaching and preparation precede this event. Bible chapters will be announced to allow for approximately four months of preparation. Trophies are presented to the three winning churches and certificates of participation are given to all participating churches. The Bible competition is not limited to partner-churches only and is structured to promote camaraderie, teamwork, and biblical knowledge.

  • Vacation Bible School (Launch Year 2026)

This is a very special time for our young people, with activities designed specifically for all ages in attendance. The program is set up to encourage the young people to display their talents and skills in the form of musical expressions, dancing, poetry, miming, public speaking, drama, community project involvement. Youth would have opportunities to build new relationships and hopefully long tern positive connections. 

BRYDGES partner church fellowship 

Create a vibrant relationship with partner churches, support and promote their events.

BRYDGES Connect Partnerships:

Teen Led Evangelism

Dare 2 Share, Inc.

BRYDGES Connect: - HYBRID – Events

  • Dare to Share Day Conference & Gospel Concert – Spring
  • Bible Quiz Competition-Fall
  • Youth Days – Church Partnership Events (Partner Church determined).

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