The community-focused activities of Brydges Engage emphasize youth engagement with missions, philanthropic projects, civil and social engagement, and service to others. The programs and activities of BRYDGES Engage aim to create change agents with a sense of civic responsibility, philanthropy, vibrancy, and commitment within the youth population.

A. Brydge2MENTORSHIP or Brydge2MENtorship

This is a very specialized mentorship program that throws the highlight on the mentorship for the young men in the church and the communities. 

B. Youth Missions/Local Community Projects

These activities focus the youths to work together as a team to address at least one need within the community and make the effort to meet that need. We envision that our youths will partner with organization as volunteers in services to the disabled, elderly, low-income families, shelters for the homeless, etc.  

C. Recreational Sport Connections

The Recreational Sport Connections promotes health and fitness engagements among the youths within our community and awards consistency in performance and commitment to fitness programs.

BRYDGES Engage Partnerships:

Youth Works “Christ Centered Mission Trips” [email protected]

NYC Mentorship -

BRYDGES Engage Calendar:

Youth Missions/Local Community Projects – Launch Year 2025

Brydge2MENTORSHIP or Brydge2MENtorship – Launch Year 2025

Recreational Sport Connections – Launch Year 2025

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