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At BRYDGES Inc., our mission is to enrich, empower, and engage youth and young adults. We are committed to fostering change agents and leaders within communities, focusing on holistic development that transcends traditional boundaries.

Overview of BRYDGES


BRYDGES, formerly named NCGYC (Northeastern Church of God 7th Day Youth Consortium) was birthed in the fall of 2001 out of the desire of the youth leaders of four churches to enhance the current operations of their youth ministries and to establish protocols and structured training conduits to produce equipped, committed, and skilled youth leaders to assume positions in the Body of Christ. However, the organization has evolved into an entity that reaches beyond the boundaries of the church to become the change agent for reaching and impacting our communities in a holistic way. The name was changed, in February 2004, to BRYDGES (Building Responsible Youthsby Delivering Genuine Enrichment Services) to better reflect our purpose and mission. The goal is to provide a comprehensive array of services to children, youths, and young adults within internal and external communities. Services that will revolutionize thoughts, empower youths, impact society, and transform lives.

The organization is a dynamic one which continues to grow and expand in its vision and mission.


BRYDGES Inc. is a non-profit organization that is purposed to provide all-inclusive services to our children, youths, and young adults to enhance and effect spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. It emphasizes the creation and maintenance of collaborative relationships among youth organizations. BRYDGES equip focus on the expansion of our horizons to provide structured and comprehensive training for current and potential Youth Ministers; youth with academic and technical vocation orientations; and workers who are committed to the development and well-being of youths. BRYDGES is committed to serving all our constituents with diligence and humility.


The mission of BRYDGES is “To enrich, empower, and engage Youths and Young Adults through diverse leadership training and enrichment programs to become change agents and leaders within their communities.


The vision of BRYDGES is “To deliver holistic services to children, youths, and young adults of our communities and churches.”


To offer at least five BRYDGES On Demand “Youth Relevant” sessions at the request of BRYDGES partner organizations.

To create various BRYDGES Connect platforms for youths to establish collaborative relationships and host at least two events per year to promote a culture of spiritual empowerment and relational connections amongst youth.

To promote civic responsibility amongst the constituents. BRYDGES will host at least one such enrichment activity that focuses on community engagement.

To inspire individuals to expand their horizons with leadership training and youth enrichment activities from an annual list. BRYDGES Equip will offer at least two of these activities annually, including the GLS Summit.


Madrine R. Clennon-Straker, Ed. D
Shalane N. Lawrence, Ed.D
Joanna Ubiwa, PSYD, LCPC
Jurian Lee Thomas
Sherrie Douglas
Ski Huie
Brandon McDaniel
Kivon Allen
Rosemarie Downer, Ph.D.
Marlene Reid, DNP, MSN, BSN, PMHNP-BC, RN
Amina Gordon Ed.D.

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