Madrine R. Clennon-Straker, Ed. D


Dr. Madrine R. Clennon-Straker, the esteemed president of Brydges, is a seasoned youth leader with a legacy spanning two decades. Her journey commenced in an urban youth ministry, where she dedicated herself to the uplifting cause of children, teens, and young adults. A fortuitous connection with a mentor led her to the creation of Brydges Inc., a visionary endeavour to support leaders like herself, seeking structured training and leadership skills for effective youth empowerment.

Brydges, formerly known as NCGYC (Northeastern Church of God 7th Day Youth Consortium), was conceived in the fall of 2001. Initially established by the youth leaders of four churches to enhance their youth ministries, it soon evolved into an organization transcending the confines of the church. In February 2004, the name transitioned to Brydges (Building Responsible Youths by Delivering Genuine Enrichment Services), better encapsulating its purpose and mission.

Dr. Clennon-Straker's goal with Brydges is clear: to provide a comprehensive array of services to children, youths, and young adults, both within internal and external communities. These services aim to revolutionise thinking, empower the youth, impact society, and transform lives. Under her leadership, Brydges stands as a dynamic entity, continually growing and expanding its vision and mission to create a lasting impact on the lives of the youth and the communities it serves.

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